Track all your investments in real-time

Add and track any asset including Stocks, Crypto, ETFs, Funds, Bonds, DeFi investments, commodities

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Everything you need to start your next project

A unique overview of your portfolio. Incomes, dividends, overall performance, news, and much more.

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Transform portfolio management into an intuitive process. Over 100,000 assets, smart data, and ease in every decision you make.

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Effective dividend management: convenient tracking, yield visualization, and automated data input – all in one place.

Create Your Unique Strategies

Our app makes it easy to create your own investment strategies that reflect your goals and risk comfort level.

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Piotroski F-Score

Utilize Piotroski F-Score in our app to evaluate the financial health of companies. A simple and accurate tool ensuring informed investment decisions.


Analyze the overall economic condition! Our platform provides clear data on key indicators, including GDP, inflation, unemployment rate, and other metrics.

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Stay informed with the latest financial news. Receive real-time updates directly in our app, without delays.

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$0 $0 /mo
  • Timeline
  • Basic search
  • Live chat widget
  • Email marketing
  • Custom Forms
  • Traffic analytics
  • Basic Support
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$16 $13 /mo
$ 156 / year
  • Everything in basic
  • Timeline with database
  • Advanced search
  • Marketing automation
  • Advanced chatbot
  • Campaign management
  • Collaboration tools
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$27 $22 /mo
$ 264 / year
  • Everything in premium
  • Timeline with database
  • Fuzzy search
  • A/B testing sanbox
  • Custom permissions
  • Social media automation
  • Sales automation tools

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Unique Strategies
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Regular license can be used for end products that do not charge users for access or service(access is free and there will be no monthly subscription fee). Single regular license can be used for single end product and end product can be used by you or your client. If you want to sell end product to multiple clients then you will need to purchase separate license for each client. The same rule applies if you want to use the same end product on multiple domains(unique setup). For more info on regular license you can check official description.

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